• Chief Information Security Officer
  • Close Brothers

Chris Gibson spent over 12 years working in the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) world at Citigroup and, for 10 years, was part of the leadership of the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST); 2 as Chair. Together these have allowed him to work with colleagues from both inside one of the world’s largest global financial institutions with the complexities that brings and also with colleagues from the incident response community with members ranging from Microsoft and Oracle through to the national CERT’s of Azerbaijan and Indonesia.

At Citigroup he was responsible for the digital forensic program and strategy globally, including all technical aspects of investigations into Cybercrime in Citigroup’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. This included overseeing both the digital forensics and the investigation as well as reporting to senior management on on-going cases, trends and threats.

Within FIRST he implemented the Fellowship program. This was created to fund CERTs from UN designated “Least Developed Nations” (LDCs) allowing them to both join FIRST and attend conferences and training thereby starting to create the relationships that bring the most benefits to the incident response community. 

Chris joined CERT-UK in November 2013 to build and launch the UK’s first formally chartered national CERT. Working within the Cabinet Office, Chris built a team of 60 people, bringing together both civil servants from across Whitehall and beyond as well as secondees from industry. CERT-UK had 4 main responsibilities: National Incident Management, assisting CNI with their cyber incidents, sharing and collaboration through the CiSP platform and CERT to CERT international relationships and was launched on March 31st 2014. The responsibilities of CERT-UK were transferred to the National Cyber Security Centre in October 2016.

Chris joined Close Brothers as Chief Information Security Officer in November 2016