Templar Executives is an award winning Cyber Security consultancy trusted by Governments and private sector organisations to deliver world class, business enabling Cyber Security services and solutions. Our unique capability and experience optimises business outcomes through a holistic approach encompassing people, process, culture and technology.

We work extensively with companies across all sectors including financial services (and the G8), healthcare, telecommunications, defence, transport, retail, energy and insurance.

Cybercrime targeted at the financial sector is growing in strength and velocity and currently costs the global economy over £266 billion per annum. Financial services organisations need to continuously invest in their capabilities to combat the evolving Cyber Threats to remain compliant, mitigate financial risks and maintain client and investor confidence.

It is therefore fundamental for financial institutions to take a proactive approach to understanding the Cyber landscape through awareness and education, and to create resilience across their business.

Templar Executives, has deep and broad expertise in Cyber Security consulting, information assurance auditing and training and embedding best practices to ensure competitive advantage for our clients.