Safe-T® Data is the provider of solutions designed to mitigate attacks on business-critical services and data for a wide range of industries, including: financial, healthcare, government, etc.

Safe-T's High-risk Data Security (HDS) Solution mitigates data threats: un-authorized access to data, services, networks, or APIs; as well as data, related threats, including data exfiltration, leakage, malware, ransomware, and fraud.

Safe-T is a cyber security company dedicated to preventing unauthorized access and use of high-threat services and data, inside and outside the organization perimeter. Enterprises and businesses around the world trust Safe-T®'s High-threat Data Security solution to secure their data, applications, and networks from insider and external data threats.

Focused on providing security solutions for the enterprise market, Safe-T enables organizations to benefit from enhanced productivity, efficiency, heightened security, and improved regulatory compliance.

Safe-T has offices in North America, APAC, Africa, Europe, and Israel. For more information, visit