How do you select a Next-Gen Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, Malware Sandbox or DDoS Mitigation solution in context to your unique environment?

Do you trust the bold claims and impressive numbers in the vendor datasheets?

Phoenix Datacom & Ixia can help you hone in on the solutions best suited to your organisation. We do this by performing bake-offs between those under consideration/Proof of Concept by ‘stressing them’ with the very malware against which they will need to defend, and using the stateful application traffic, loads and conditions to which they will be subjected under active use.

If you wish to improve the performance of your existing security solutions, we can harden their resiliency, and now with Ixia ThreatARMOR (that automatically blocks bad IP addresses), they will only need to concentrate on the traffic of interest from unknown (but sophisticated) advanced cyber threats.